This is the main page for various ongoing projects. In the past it contained previews of works in progress but it was basically impossible to maintain. I think it’s better to announce the books and stories as they claw their way to life through revision, submission, and publication anyway.

So for now you can come here to find details about writer-adjacent projects like editorial work, writer-y tools, and collaborations featured elsewhere.

200 CCs

I’ve moved my little microfiction feature into an ezine of sorts. See the project main page for more information and submission information.

This World I Built / The Darling I Killed / A New Life I Conjured

These are my three pre-built questionnaires for book tours/publication showcases. If you have a new book or a publication and would like it to be featured on this site, select one of the topics and I’ll send you the questions and post the answers along with a blurb and author bio. If it’s not obvious, the topics are:

  • This World I Built — World building, setting. Suitable for fantasy, science fiction and related subgeneres, or literary works with a specific locale.
  • The Darling I Killed — Relates to the editing process and behind-the-scenes mechanics of writing. Good for any genre as long as the story wasn’t a one-draft masterpiece.
  • A New Life I Conjured — Discussion of either the protagonist or antagonist. Good for any genre unless it’s experimental and features no named characters.

To inquire about getting the questionnaires, email me at with the subject “Book Tour: <Name_Of_Your_Publication>”.

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