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Ko-Fi is a way to make quick, small donations to a person or organization you want to support. It’s billed as donating a coffee, but the $2 donation increments just so happen to be about the cost of bringing one story to 200 CCs! If you want to buy a coff—er, future 200 CCs story, click the button below.

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Now you can become a 200 CCs patron through Patreon. Support awesome short-form storytelling with a small monthly pledge, all of which goes straight toward paying the fabulous contributing authors more. To learn more or pledge your support, visit the 200 CCs Patreon page.

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As a thank you, there’s an exclusive 200 CCs story (by me) that can only be read by supporting the project this way.

Other Ways To Support

Writers For ‘The Plunge’ Column

I’m currently looking for writers to donate commentary pieces for future ezine issues. These are opinion articles tied into the stories from each month. They will not be made available on the website, only the ezine. Volunteers will receive a draft copy of the zine to preview the stories and inspire their articles. To inquire, email me at paul.hamilton@ironsoap.com.

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Really the best (and cheapest) way to support 200 CCs is by reading the stories, subscribing to the email feeds, commenting on the posts, and sharing them with friends. Social media likes, shares, shout-outs, and signal boosts are great, too. But the primary goal is to get the stories in front of readers.