Last Updated: November 19, 2016

Submissions for 2016 Calendar Year are NOW CLOSED

Please do not submit stories to the general submissions address, I will have no choice but to refuse them regardless of quality or suitability. Every spot on this year’s calendar is filled. At this time there is no estimate of when submissions will re-open, but watch the main page for an update coming soon on the future of 200 CCs.

The Christmas theme contest is still accepting submissions through December 2nd.

The following details are preserved for reference and/or future use only.

What To Submit

In order to get more 200 CCs stories onto the site, I’m opening them up for general submissions.

200 CCs are short stories of around 200 words. If you need hard guidelines, you can err about 15 words on either side. Too short and they are a different sort of microfiction. Too long and they are closer to flash fiction.

There are no genre restrictions to 200 CCs, but stories should be punchy, memorable, and complete if possible rather than vignettes (although I will make exceptions for particularly beautiful writing). Experimental formats are welcome as long as it’s something that can be reproduced without too much tricky typography and text formatting, particularly that which might not translate during any future site redesigns. Creative non-fiction is okay, but definitely a harder sell. I like poetic writing but straight poetry is very unlikely to win me over as I don’t think of 200 CCs as a poetry format. If in doubt, go ahead and submit.

How To Submit

Send your story in plain text to No attachments, please, just copy and paste it into the body of the email.

Use the subject line “Submission: Story Title (XXX words)” (replace your story title and word count) and be aware if you forget this step your email may end up in the trash, unread. If your story is a reprint, please make sure you have sorted all original publication rights and include in a cover letter that your submission is a reprint. Posting to your blog or other site accessible to the general public counts as publication and payment will be at the reprint rate.

Multiple submissions are okay, up to three at a time, but please send each one separately. Please do not send serialized or interconnected 200 CC stories, though, unless specifically requested for a special call. Simultaneous submissions are okay, provided you mention somewhere in the cover letter that the story is submitted elsewhere.

Do not re-submit rejected stories unless a rewrite is specifically requested.

Special Call: Holiday Microfiction Contests

200 CCs is running a series of contests for holiday-themed microfiction. To enter, submit as directed above, only adjust your email’s subject line to “Holiday Submission: [Holiday] Story Title (XXX words)” (replace holiday with the designator below; story title and word count as appropriate).

The contest will be judged by the editorial staff for the monthly issue in which the story will appear.


  1. One first place winner will receive a $10.00 prize, plus publication on the site, in the monthly ezine, in the semi-annual volume anthology, and be eligible for the possible year-end print anthology.
  2. Up to two runners-up will receive a $2.00 prize, plus publication on the site, and be eligible for the possible year-end print anthology.
  3. Up to five honorable mentions will receive a $1.00 prize, plus publication on the site.


  1. No simultaneous submissions.
  2. Maximum three (3) entries per author, per contest.
  3. Entries can be thematic (e.g. horror for Halloween) or they can be a play on the name of the holiday, or set on the holiday in question and otherwise unrelated. However you wish to use the theme is fine, we encourage authors to be creative. However, note that judges may make final selections based on most appropriate theme use or other unspecified criteria. Ultimately we’re always looking for a great story, well told.
  4. Final cutoff is 11:59 Pacific Time on the contest deadline (e.g. 12/02/2016 11:59:59 PST for the Christmas contest). Submissions received after the deadline will be disqualified.
  5. Stories that ignore any of the standard submission guidelines may be disqualified.
  6. Judging will take place shortly after the deadline, with notifications sent out as soon as all scores are tallied.

Upcoming Contests

  • Christmas (publishing December 25th): Deadline is December 2nd.

Rights And Rates

I will pay for 200 CCs at semi-pro rates, $0.01/word or $2 flat (whichever is more) for first worldwide electronic serial rights, exclusive for one month from publication and non-exclusive for six months. In addition to the serial rights, I also request indefinite archive rights and, optionally, one year of non-exclusive North American print rights for a possible anthology. I’ll also consider reprints at the token rate of a flat $1 per story, provided there are no other rights conflicts.

What The Rights Mean

For original pieces (that is, any story that has not previously appeared in a publication or publicly-accessible online site), granting me first electronic rights makes 200 CCs the debut publication for your story. Be aware that granting these rights to 200 CCs (or anyone) means the piece can only be submitted to other markets as a reprint (in the case of 200 CCs, after the one month exclusivity period), which limits potential markets and payment rates.

Because the stories appear first on the site (this is the first serial), then in a monthly ezine after the month is over, then again in a collected digital volume of the past six month’s of stories, I also request non-exclusive serial rights for six months to cover the ezine and digital volumes. You may submit your story to other markets as a reprint during this period, but be aware other markets may be even less inclined to compete with my continued publication schedule. Make sure you read other markets’ guidelines carefully.

Archive rights mean I get to continue to host the story on my site, in the ezine, and in the digital volumes as long as the site is active. I’m not interested in removing content from any of these venues so if you aren’t willing to grant this right to me, please do not submit.

How You Get Paid

Payment will be via PayPal. For authors in countries where PayPal is not available, I can also arrange to send an Amazon gift card. I cannot send checks via postal mail, execute a wire transfer, or drive to your house and pay cash. If we happen to be in the same physical location, I might be persuaded to buy you a beer.

Word Counting

I use a word counting utility provided by the excellent folks at Empire & Great Jones Press. I recommend using the utility yourself before submitting.